What Clients say about Dana's work at Certo

A few examples of client feedback from Dana's 2017 Insights® Discovery Full Circle 360°, 2018 ESCI 360°, and 2019 VIA Character Strengths 360°.

"Passion for internal Customers as an HR Expert - Discipline - Efficiency - Very clear and accurate explanations, communication - Human and sensitive - Able to manage the whole picture and the little details and high complexity - Honest, reliable - Dana is a rare, good, incredibly clever person and professional."

"Dana est une personne experte, professionnelle, qui s'appuie sur son expérience et ses compétences. Elle transmet son savoir et a à coeur d'aider l'autre à progresser sur son chemin. "

"Dana is always looking for opportunities to develop as a human being and as a professional. She is very honest with herself and generous with others. She is also very insightful, supportive and courageous."

"Stabilité, calme, posée, pleine d'à-propos, juste."

"It's a real pleasure to work with Dana. I like her professional approach and I really appreciate her friendly, genuine behavior and open-mindedness."

"Empathic with a clear understanding of others. Structured, organized, and has clearly defined goals for each project she undertakes."

"Whilst being very professional in her approach, she manages to introduce a zest of humor and laughter (very consistently) which is most productive - and appreciated."

"Her presence - she is fully dedicated to the person in front of her and so authentic at the same time - combined with her knowledge is outstanding."

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