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Our Approaches

People-focused and results-oriented ways of partnering that boost potential, engagement, and performance.


Partnering in a structured and stimulating process to unleash client potential and support the client towards the achievement of the established, future-oriented goal(s). Coaching could be appropriate, for example, when:

○ Starting as a newly-hired or promoted people manager or leader

○ Developing soft skills to close gaps in leadership

○ Working to engage and align team members


Partnering by leveraging subject matter knowledge and experience to create / co-create and deliver solutions for the client's challenge. A few examples where consulting could be helpful are:

○ Briefing and identifying key elements of 360° and assessment results

○ Designing development action plans that leverage strengths

○ Bringing perspective and practical advice to address HR topics that people managers and leaders are facing (oftentimes alone)


Partnering in interactive and informal group settings to foster learning and growth namely through knowledge sharing and collective intelligence building. Examples of facilitated interventions include:

○ Workshops to learn together and from each other

○ Team building and off-sites to create connection and unite team members

○ World cafés to encourage creative thinking and solutions from diverse perspectives

Our Tools

From emotional and social intelligence competencies to personality preferences, from strengths of character to leadership competencies, our tools include self-assessments and 360°s suitable for a range of purposes from individual coaching to team-building.

In a few words:

A Predictor of High Performance

A Model of 12 Learnable Competencies

ESCI 360° Tool by Korn Ferry Hay Group

In a few words:

Enhances Interpersonal Effectiveness

Consists of 72 Colorful Personality Types

Self-Assessment, 360°, & Team Building

In a few words:

Key Attitudes & Behaviors for Success

Inventory of 38 "Soft" Skills by KFLA™

Self-Assessment & 360°

In a few words:

Unique Value Proposition

Key Differentiators

Brand Survey for Individuals & Teams

In a few words:

Positive Traits, Emotions, & Impact

24 Universal Character Strengths

VIA Survey of Character Strengths

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