Communicating about oneself with authenticity and ease

Personal Branding, when authentic, positions us to make contributions that are both meaningful for us and impactful for the organization - a true win-win. It starts with discovering (or re-discovering) core elements of our personal identity.

Personal Branding is about reaching the right people at the right time with a genuine, one-of-a-kind value proposition.

In an increasingly competitive and rapidly evolving world, employees and leaders who know, leverage, and communicate their unique added value in a clear, compelling, and confident manner are better positioned to contribute to their organization and manage their career. Why? Because everyone can see who they are and what they stand for.


Effective personal branding can only be achieved if the personal brand is authentic. In personal branding (and in leadership), authenticity means to live and work in accordance with our personal values and beliefs. To do so requires an understanding of who we are today (strengths, weaknesses, motivation, aspirations, etc.), where we have come from, and where we are going.

Discover, Develop, Deploy

Certo works with professionals to discover, develop, and deploy their Personal Brand in a 3-phase process that includes:

○ Leveraging a 360° tool to collect data from a broad spectrum of respondents regarding the core elements that define the individual

○ Identifying what makes the individual unique according to the results of the 360° and based on self-reflection; also exploring the individual's spheres of influence

○ Determining the individual's key differentiators and unique added value to the organization; developing a distinct Personal Brand (Leadership Identity)

○ Taking action to mitigate blind spots and address opportunities for improvement that are diminishing the individual's personal branding efforts

○ Crafting a compelling, targeted message ("personal value statement") to reach the appropriate people

○ Building a plan to act on and carry out brand aspirations and commitments at work

○ For leaders, making personal branding accessible to employees, for example, as a team building activity

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