Leveraging character strengths boosts well-being and performance, naturally

Research shows that when we apply our character strengths we perform better, experience more positive emotions, and are more successful.

The VIA Survey identifies our character strengths. 

The VIA Inventory of Strengths, known as the " VIA Survey", is an assessment of 24 positive personality characteristics.  Its primary focus is to highlight what is "right" and "best" about people.  It turns out that leveraging our character strengths both feels good and enhances our performance.  

What are character strengths?

Character strengths can be defined as the better parts of who we are as humans, those parts of our personality that positively impact how we think, feel, and behave in our private life and at work.     

How does the VIA Survey work?  

A psychometric tool, the VIA Survey measures and ranks the 24 character strengths from highest to lowest.  It's available on-line as a free questionnaire.

Why the VIA Survey?

The 24 character strengths are universal.  Applying to everyone, there are many areas of opportunity for individuals, leaders, and organizations: 

○ Team building

○ Diversity & Inclusion

○ Well-being

○ Engagement & Performance 

○ Leadership 

Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice (MBSP)

The VIA character strengths can be paired with mindful presence for an even richer and more sustainable experience.  In the MBSP program, participants enhance their skills in awareness, strengths-spotting, strengths appreciation, positive reframing, situational strengths balance (optimal strengths use), and mindful pausing, listening, and speaking to name a few.

Top participant outcomes for the MBSP program include:  

more positive relationships, 

greater quality of presence, 

deeper sense of appreciation,

better ability to handle adversity.

To learn more about our MBSP program visit The Shine Space or to organize a workshop for your organization, please get in touch via the  Contact Form. Together we can explore how this program makes sense for your organization, team, or employees. 

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