The MBSP Program Flyer

Mindfulness & Character Strengths for Flourishing

Below you can learn more about this unique program combining practices in Mindfulness and Character Strengths, download the MBSP program flyer, see the weekly themes for the 8-week program, and contact Certo for any question, comment, or request for information.

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The MBSP Program Weekly Themes

Basic Concepts & Practices

Session #1 – Mindfulness and Autopilot

Session #2 – Your Signature Strengths

Strong Mindfulness: Applying Character Strengths to Mindfulness

Session #3 – Obstacles are Opportunities

Session #4 – Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Mindful Strengths Use: Applying Mindfulness to Character Strengths

Session #5 – Valuing Your Relationships

Session #6 – The Golden Mean

Practical Integration: Character Strengths & Mindfulness

Mindfulness ½ Day Retreat

Session #7 – Authenticity and Goodness

Session #8 – Your Engagement With Life

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