Positively influencing oneself and others to reach a goal

Leading entails tapping into both personal and collective values, motivations, and aspirations in order to mobilize and engage people in the pursuit of a shared vision.

Self-Leadership - it's where Leadership begins.

How can a leader positively influence others without first having a positive influence on herself / himself?

Certo can help employees and leaders:

○ Build a Personal Leadership Identity including, for example, strengths, personal values, mission, and vision

○ Enhance ability in self-awareness and self-management - 2 fundamental components of emotional intelligence

○ Develop authentic leadership presence

Self-leadership begins with self-awareness. Michele Nevarez sums it up in a few words:

"Self-awareness is key in a leader's ability to consistently generate positive and meaningful results - in work and in life."

Leadership - it's about inspiring and empowering others to work together to fulfill a vision.

Today's world is commonly described as "VUCA": volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. How can a leader effectively respond to the needs of today's workforce in this environment?

Certo can help leaders:

○ Build a repertoire of emotionally-intelligent people leadership styles

○ Develop the leadership "soft" skills necessary to close performance gaps

○ Create and foster more resonant relationships at work

○ Become an effective champion for organizational change initiatives

○ Embody the values, mission, and vision of the organization

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