Human Resources (for non-HR)

Co-creating impactful people practices

Calling upon an external HR resource when the need arises can save precious time, energy, and money.

Managers and Leaders often act as frontline Human Resources Officers.

Taking good care of the human resources is essential as employees are the cornerstone of any successful organization. How can your organization satisfy its customers and stakeholders if your employees' needs aren't being met?

Are Managers and Leaders well-equipped to handle HR topics?

It depends. If not or when in doubt, Certo can help bridge gaps in Human Resources knowledge and know-how by:

○ Bringing an impartial, fresh pair of eyes or acting as a sounding board to test ideas

○ Helping leaders to take perspective by zooming out to get a big picture vision

○ Helping leaders to take targeted action by zooming in to handle specific challenges

○ Providing practical insights to build knowledge, know-how, and competencies for the long term

○ Acting as an SME's Chief People Officer for a day

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