Cultivating employee potential, engagement, and performance

People problems or potential? Fostering potential in the day-to-day work is the big Talent challenge and opportunity.

When managed well, Talent is undeniably one of the organization's most important investments.

Organizations who adopt a "people potential" perspective are positioned to optimize that investment. They seek opportunities to fully engage employees who in turn are willing to invest their energies - physical, mental, and emotional - in making the organization successful.

Yet studies show that the Western world is experiencing worrisome levels of employee disengagement resulting in absenteeism, active harm to the organization, and losses in productivity and profitability to name a few. So clearly many organizations are facing challenges or "people problems".

What to do?

Certo helps seize talent-related opportunities that are often overlooked, underestimated, and / or considered too problematic to take on. Below are 3 particular areas worth a deeper look:


Setting newly-hired or promoted people managers and leaders up for success.

Benefits: People managers and leaders who are carefully and promptly assimilated are more rapidly operational - an engagement and performance win-win for employees and organizations.

Reality: When employees with people responsibility struggle with their transition, so do the individuals, teams, and organizations under their responsibility.


Appreciating and acknowledging what's going well at all levels of the organization.

Benefits: A little bit of sincere praise goes a long way in boosting self-confidence and creating positive relationships both of which contribute to higher levels of employee engagement and performance.

Reality: While the concept seems obvious, the practice of recognition is relatively rare.


Embedding practices for embracing and accompanying change in the organization (if possible, before change happens).

Benefits: Knowledge is empowering. The sooner employees are informed of and implicated in the change, the sooner they are able to engage in the change process. Organizational change occurs only after change happens at the individual level.

Reality: Imposed change most often generates resistance. Yet most organizational change initiatives are imposed.

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