Who is Certo?

Certo Coaching & Consulting - a human-sized enterprise

Partnering with clients at individual, team, and organizational levels to address the challenges that are hindering performance.

"Where there's a will, there's a way!"

Following the famous proverb, Certo was founded in 2013 with the firm belief that a positive outlook is not only an asset, it's what broadens the horizon of possibility - particularly when taking on any initiative to enhance performance which, after all, implies change.

Certo's Approach:

Certo takes inspiration from Appreciative Inquiry, a powerful methodology for accompanying individual and organizational change. In tackling a challenge, this approach calls for maintaining a curious mind in order to value what's working well or what's "right", explore a better or ideal future, and then direct attention, energy, and other resources to making it happen.

Certo's Clients:

A diverse portfolio of clients including multinationals, small-to-mid-sized enterprises, and NGOs as well as learning institutions and private clients working in English and / or French.

Certo's Core:

Values - the How:

Authenticity. Determination. Trust. Quality. Results.

Mission - the Why:

Foster ongoing learning, growth, and achievement.

Vision - the What:

A world of greater possibilities. (We can make a brighter today and tomorrow.)

Certo Collaborates:

The Flourishing Circle - An alliance of professionals envisioning and contributing to a possible better world where sustainable increases in performance and well-being are achieved by accompanying transformational change and strengths flourishing - led by coach colleague Jaume Gallifa, MBA, ACC of Gallifa & Partner LLC.

Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) - The Global Entrepreneurship Network's purpose is to act as a platform that makes it easier for people around the world to start and scale a business. Since 2008, GEN organizes the Global Entrepreneurship Week dedicated to cultivating the entrepreneurial spirit. GEW takes place in November and Certo's events are published on Eventbrite.

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