Who We Are

It's the quality of the relationship that makes the difference.

Certo, a trusted partner

Engaging with clients at individual, team, and organizational levels to address challenges, unleash potential, and enhance performance.

"Where there's a will, there's a way!" 

Following the famous proverb, Certo Coaching & Consulting was founded in 2013 with the firm belief that a positive outlook is not only an asset, it's what broadens the horizon of possibility - particularly when taking on any initiative to enhance performance which, after all, implies change.

Certo takes inspiration from Appreciative Inquiry, a powerful methodology for accompanying individual and organizational change. In tackling a challenge, this approach calls for maintaining a curious mind in order to value what's working well or what's "right", explore a better or ideal future, and then direct attention, energy, and other resources to making it happen.         

Certo's Focus & Approaches

Certo's primary areas of focus include Self-Leadership, Leadership, and Talent.  Our work entails raising awareness and leveraging strengths, personal preferences, and soft skills - such as emotional and social intelligence competencies.  According to the need, we consult, coach, and / or facilitate using as appropriate a palette of tools including assessments and 360°s. 

Certo's services at a glance.

From leadership coaching and assessments to team building and workshops, see how Certo partners with organizations, employees, and leaders for sustainable performance (in English and French).

Certo's Core

Values:  Authenticity, determination, trust, quality, and results are what you can expect.

Mission:  Accompany individual and organizational change by fostering ongoing learning, growth, and achievement.  

Vision:  A world of greater possibilities. (We can make a brighter today and tomorrow.)

Clients share their experience.

Certo's diverse portfolio of clients includes multinationals, SMEs, NGOs, learning institutions, and private clients working in English and French.

Dana, a Coach, Consultant, Facilitator, & Business Owner

Dedicated to ongoing learning, growth, and achievement.

Meet Dana

My role as a trusted partner is to accompany leaders, employees, and organizations on their path to accomplishment.

Determination is one of my key personal values which, according to StrengthsFinder 2.0,  explains why Achiever is at the top of my innate talents. 

Relator and Learner come next so it is no wonder that I spend my time as a Coach, Consultant, and Facilitator developing relationships and settings that are conducive to learning, growth, and achievement.    

As for many of us, change has been a constant throughout my professional life: change of country, company, role, industry, etc. Having pursued a career in International Human Resources and then in Professional Coaching, I have experienced corporate and academic working environments in Europe as well as small business ownership.

Although I wear multiple hats, you will find in my career and work a common theme of human capital development. As a self-directed learner, learning, growth, and achievement have always motivated me. Contributing to the development and the success of professionals, leaders, and organizations is a rewarding and inspiring experience - a true win-win.  

Dana L. Walden


What are you aspiring to accomplish?  

Behind my trademark question you will find a solid belief that our aspirations are important as well as a strong orientation towards meaningful achievement. 

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What are you aspiring to accomplish?