How We Partner

Listening is key.

We listen and discuss before we propose.

Together we tailor solutions and experiences to suit your particular needs.  Our approaches and tools are integrative, scalable, and sustainable for greater possibilities and impact today and tomorrow. 

Our Approaches

People-focused and results-oriented ways of partnering to boost potential, engagement, and performance.  Services are available in English and French.

Coaching, Consulting, & Facilitation


Partnering in a structured and stimulating process to unleash client potential and accompany the client in the achievement of established, future-oriented goal(s).  Coaching could be appropriate, for example, when the coachee is:     

○ Starting as a newly-hired or promoted people manager or business leader 

Seeking to affirm one's personal leadership identity

○ Developing soft skills to close gaps in leadership

○ Working to engage and align team members

Leading others through change

As a certified professional coach credentialed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) since 2013, Dana adheres to the ICF Code of Ethics.


Partnering by leveraging subject matter knowledge and experience to create / co-create and deliver practical solutions.  A few examples of consulting work are:

○ Briefing and identifying key elements of 360° and psychometric assessment results 

○ Designing 70:20:10 development action plans leveraging strengths and closing behavior or performance gaps

Providing perspective and guidance on HR topics to people managers and business leaders

Accompanying organizational change initiatives from a human capital perspective


Partnering in interactive group settings to foster learning, growth, and performance at individual and / or collective levels.  Examples of facilitated interventions include: 

○ Experiential workshops and training in various formats on topics such as:

○ Team building and off-sites retreats to create connection, forge new ways of working, and unite team members

○ World cafés to encourage creative thinking and identify solutions considering viewpoints of diverse stakeholders

By design, interventions leverage research-backed tools and proven practices;  they are people-centric addressing end-user needs and learning transfer. 

"To get the best out of people, you've got to believe the best is in there." 

- Sir John Whitmore

Select Tools from Our Toolbox

From emotional and social intelligence competencies to personality preferences, from strengths of character to leadership competencies, our tools include self-assessments and 360°s suitable for a range of purposes from individual coaching to team-building.  Tools are available in English and French.  A few highlights for each tool are listed below.

For each tool indicated below, Dana has completed required training and, as applicable, certification. 

Leadership Competency Frameworks

Emotional Intelligence & the ESCI 360° 

○ According to research, skill in multiple emotional and social intelligence competencies is a predictor of high performance and leadership effectiveness

The emotional and social intelligence model of 12 competencies developed by Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis specifies the necessary attitudes and behaviors

○ The ESCI 360° tool by Korn Ferry Hay Group leverages the 12-competency model and provides a snapshot of one’s current ability thereby facilitating opportunities to  learn and close performance gaps

Leadership Soft Skills & KFLA™

○ Although referred to as "leadership" soft skills, these distinct sets of attitudes and behaviors demonstrated by the most successful leaders are now widely recognized as crucial for all employees 

○ The Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ inventory consists of 38 learnable competencies identified over decades of research conducted with successful leaders around the world

○ Used for self-assessment and 360°s, the KFLA framework is supported by a wealth of materials and practical ideas facilitating sustainable skill development

Personality:  Personal Preferences & Positive Core Traits

Insights Discovery® Assessment

○ A psychometric tool consisting of 72 colorful personality types, Insights enhances the understanding of oneself and others resulting in greater interpersonal effectiveness in one-to-one and one-to-many settings

○ Insights is rooted in the extensive research conducted by Carl Gustav Jung and one of his leading students, Dr. Jolande Jacobi, in the field of psychology 

○ Available as a standalone self-assessment or as a 360°, Insights works effectively at all levels of the organization for individuals, teams, and leaders and lends itself easily to coaching programs and team building activities

The VIA Character Strengths & Survey

○ The VIA classification is a research-backed framework comprised of 24 universal strengths of character defined by the VIA Institute on Character as reflecting our personal identity and producing positive outcomes for ourselves and others

○ The VIA Survey is a free psychometric self-assessment tool measuring the degree to which we exhibit each character strength and indicating our signature strengths (i.e., those strengths most core to who we are)

○ Research shows that applying our core, positive personality traits at work yields benefits for individuals, teams, and organizations including higher engagement, enhanced well-being, and greater ability to handle conflict

The VIA Survey and inventory of 24 strengths are ideal for coaching programs and team building activities 

Professional Positioning

Personal Branding & Personal Brand 360°

○ While personal branding takes inspiration from branding practices used for products and services, it differs in that personal branding is about revealing and showcasing the best and most authentic parts of one's personality and portfolio

○ Certo's discover, develop, and deploy approach yields the key differentiators required to craft a unique value proposition indispensable for positioning oneself professionally and to have the greatest impact

○ A personal brand 360° is a must for individual personal branding and also applies to team branding

"Tiny tweaks can lead to big changes." 

- Amy Cuddy

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